Bed Base Antireflux Plus Heart

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Antireflux Plus Heart

From: S$ 1,775.40

The Antireflux Plus Heart adjustable bed frame is designed and produced to improve sleep for those who suffer from gastric problems and blood circulation issues. The bed frame gradually tilts to avoid reflux which is harmful for health and disturbs sleep quality.

The double bed version can be obtained by joining 2 single bed bases.

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From: S$ 1,775.40

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From: S$ 1,775.40
From: S$ 1,775.40

Product Details

Height About 11 cm (7 cm framework thickness + 4 cm suspensions and slats thickness)
Length 190 - 195 - 200 cm
Width 80 - 85 - 90 - 100 - 120 cm
Custom Measures Available
Certifications Catas, Eco-Friendly
Production Handmade in Italy by Manifattura Falomo

Antireflux Plus Heart bed base specifications

The inclination of the bed base is studied to oppose acid reflux: the bed base, thanks to its particular inclination, allows to rest in a healthy way by opposing the phenomenon of reflux which is harmful for health.

The double framework made of beech plywood with a 70×25 cm section and a corner finishing at 45°, is wear resistant and incredibly silent.

Framework finishing

Overmore, the 28 independent evaporated beech wood slats, are assembled in pairs, of which 6 double slats in the dorsal area are provided with stiffness regulators that allow customized adjustments: the more the regulators are moved outward, the stiffer it becomes. The double bed version can be obtained with 2 single bed bases.

Ideal for reflux problems or heart problems

The motorized bed base “Antireflux Plus Heart” can perform 2 functions: as an anti-gastric reflux bed base, or if rotated, as a bed base able to support those who suffer from heart problems.

Bed base for anti-gastric reflux problems or heart problems

Silent, easy-to-operate motor

Thanks to the comfortable remote control with 2 “easy push” buttons, it will be easy to adjust the bed base.

Wired remote control

SBS suspensions

The SBS shock absorbers are robust, durable, and ideal for areas subject to pressure.

Overall bed base dimensions

Custom size

The adjustable bed base is available in custom dimensions with a maximum width of 120 cm and a maximum length of 220 cm.

Available options for the Antireflux Plus Heart bed base

Bed base legs

The bed base legs are not included in the price and are available in different sizes ranging from 25 cm to 50 cm.

The height of the bed leg refers to the upper edge of the bed: for example, a leg of 35 cm of height consists of 28 cm of leg and 7 cm of framework.

Overall bed base height

Side mattress stoppers

The easy-to-use side mattress stoppers help keep the mattress always in the right position.

Side mattress stopper

Connecting leg for bed base

The connecting leg supports and blocks the pair of single bed bases in order to obtain a double bed base.

Connecting leg for bed base

Plastic connector for joining bed bases

Combine 2 single bed bases together to obtain a double bed base without using extra legs.

Plastic connector for joining bed bases

Bed base compatible with our Ego 21 headboard

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