Bed Base Fixed Relaxody

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Fixed Relaxody

From: S$ 1,313.40

The bed base Fixed Relaxody is equipped with a framework made of beech plywood covered with a brushed Wengè effect and it is studied to supply an optimal support in the shoulder area thanks to specific shock absorbing supports. Available also in custom sizes.

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From: S$ 1,313.40

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From: S$ 1,313.40
From: S$ 1,313.40

Product Details

Height Approximately 11 cm (7 cm framework thickness + 4 cm suspensions and slats thickness)
Length 190 - 195 - 200 cm
Width 80 - 85 - 90 - 100 - 120 - 140 - 160 - 165 - 170 - 180 cm
Custom Measures Available
Certifications Catas, Eco-Friendly
Production Handmade in Italy by Manifattura Falomo

Characteristics of the bed base “Fixed Relaxody”

The Relaxody bed base is supplied with innovative elastic and shock absorbing suspensions that allow to perfectly follow body curves respecting ergonomic principles.

Gash guard for the bed base Fixed Relaxody

A functional and elegant bed base

The framework of the “Fixed Relaxody” bed base is made of 70×25 cm beech plywood and it is available in 5 different finishings: wengé, eucalyptus, texwood, beechwood and ivory.

Bed base Fixed Relaxody

Interactive suspensions

The quadrangular shock-absorbing supports, thanks to 3 adjustable and different stiffness levels, perfectly adapt to the shape of the body for a complete versatility: they optimize the welcoming of the shoulder area especially for those who like to sleep on their side.

Sospensioni interactive della rete per materasso Relaxody Fissa

Details of the interactive shock absorbers for the bed base Fixed Relaxody

Available in 5 colors

Framework and bed legs are available in 5 different finishings: wengé, eucalyptus, texwood, beechwood, ivory.

Colors available for framework finishing and bed legs

Available options for the bed base “Fixed Relaxody”

Bed base legs

The bed base legs are not included in the price and they are available as options in different measurements ranging from 25 cm to 50 cm.

The height of the bed leg refers to the upper edge of the bed: for example, a leg of 35 cm of height consists of 28 cm of leg and 7 cm of framework.

Optional legs for bed frame

Side mattress stoppers

The easy-to-use side mattress stoppers help keep the mattress always in the right position.

Side mattress stopper

Connecting leg for bed base

The connecting leg is used to support and block the pair of single bed bases in order to obtain a double bed base.

Connecting leg for bed base

Plastic connector for joining bed bases

Combine 2 single bed bases to obtain a double bed base without the addition of legs.

Plastic connector for joining bed bases