Materasso Karat De Luxe blu nuovo

Karat de Luxe

From: S$ 3,174.60

This is the most representative model of our range of mattresses with independent springs: it encloses in a single solution the comfort given by pocket micro-springs made of Swedish steel, divided into three welcoming layers and the cozy feeling of Memory Foam.

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From: S$ 3,174.60

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From: S$ 3,174.60
From: S$ 3,174.60

Product Details

Height About 26 cm
Length 190 - 195 - 200 cm
Width 80 - 90 - 100 - 120 - 140 - 160 - 165 - 170 - 180 cm
Custom Measures Available
Weight About 56 Kg (size 160×190 cm)
Rigidity H2
Certifications Catas, Class 1 Medical Device, EuroLatex, OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, Reach
Production Handmade in Italy by Manifattura Falomo

With soy memory touch, available with removable lining on both sides

Karat De Luxe introduces the exclusive PhysioClima system with a cashmere and viscose cover and Soy Bio Memory Touch padding (dry cleanable) on one side and Solotex™ (washable at 60° C) on the other.

The Soy Bio Memory on the winter side is cozy and comfortable, while the Solotex™ on the summer side ensures maximum freshness during the summer.

Mattress technical specifications

Technical features of the mattress Karat De Luxe

  1. Cover made of standard blue cashmere or white upon request.
  2. Micro-perforated latex and jute plane.
  3. Upper separation interliner in white felt.
  4. Karat spring unit with containment Support Flex System.
  5. Lower separation interliner in white felt.
  6. Micro-perforated latex and jute plane.

Exclusive progressive load-bearing system

The progressive load-bearing system is composed of triple overlapping layers of steel springs, each of them enclosed in a bag and reacts independently: the first and the third 4 cm layer welcomes and supports our body exercising a reactive function that fosters a progressive welcome on the vertebral column and limbs, limiting any type of compression; the middle layer, which a thicker and stiffer Flexizone system, supports the pelvis and the shoulder area.

Molle indipendenti del materasso a molle Karat De Luxe

Flexizone Springiness

Highly performing and balanced for an adjusted and optimal support for every build.

Molleggio Flexizone

Latex and jute plane

3 centimetre thick micro-perforated latex and jute plane which guarantees exceptional elasticity and breathability.

Materasso a molle Karat De Luxe lastra in juta

Cashmere fabric

A cover of high quality and softness, absorbs humidity and gradually releases it. White cashmere cover or blue upon request.

Materasso a molle Karat De Luxe tessuto cashmere


“Ergonomic Project” multi-handles that allow to easily rotate the mattress.

Materasso a molle Karat De Luxe multi maniglia

Removable lining

The cover on the winter side can be easily removed and dry-cleaned.

Materasso a molle Karat De Luxe sfoderabilità