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Ergomovie De Luxe™

From: S$ 6,230.40

The Ergomovie De Luxe™ adjustable bed base combines the practicality of the Ergomovie motorized system with the 4-motor technology to make your rest more enjoyable and personalized. The double bed base is obtained by placing 2 single bed bases side by side.

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From: S$ 6,230.40

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From: S$ 6,230.40
From: S$ 6,230.40

Product Details

Height Approximately 11 cm (7 cm framework thickness + 4 cm suspensions and slats thickness)
Length 190 - 195 - 200 cm
Width 80 - 85 - 90 - 100 - 120 cm
Custom Measures Available
Weight The Ergomovie De Luxe bed base supports 200 Kg in single size version.
Certifications Catas, Eco-Friendly
Production Handmade in Italy by Manifattura Falomo

The silent and compact bed base

The Ergomovie de Luxe™ bed base combines the practicality of the Ergomovie motorized system with the wireless touch remote control’s technology to make your rest more and more enjoyable. With a simple touch you can choose how to adjust headrest and footrest, synchronizing the 6 differentiated load-bearing zones independently.

Adjustable bed base with 4 engines and wireless remote control

Ergomovie de Luxe™ is now even more silent and compact: undoubtedly a leading product among the range of bed bases produced by Manfattura Falomo, thanks to the materials chosen and finishes.

Overall bed base dimensioni

Touch remote control

The low voltage (24 Volts) digital remote control allows you to have a user-friendly interface. The remote control includes 2 programmable memories and a night courtesy night light with motion sensor. On its base there are 2 free sockets that can be controlled through the device (eg. USB jack, about source, etc… ). The bed base is brought back to zero by simply pressing the base of the remote control.

Ergomovie De Luxe wireless remote control

6 differentiated load-bearing zones

With a simple touch on the wireless remote control, you can choose how to move headrest and footrest, synchronizing the 6 differentiated load-bearing zones. In case of energy drop, the bed base can be manually lowered.

Tilting positions

Limitless positions: 4 strong motors and 5 joints

The Ergomovie De Luxe™ bed base can be adjusted in many positions to satisfy the most diverse resting needs.

Possible positions taken by the bed base Ergomovie De Luxe

Mattress stopper handle

The mattress stopper handle keeps the mattress from sliding forward during the bed base’s movement.

Mattress stopper handle

SBS suspensions

The double-cushioned SBS suspensions reach the edge of the bed frame.

SBS suspensions

Elegant frame available in 4 finishes

Frame and feet are made of multilayer beech wood, and are available in 4 different finishes: Wengé, Eucalyptus, Beech and Ivory.

Available finishes for the framework and bed legs

Customized size

The adjustable bed base is available in custom dimensions with a maximum width of 120 cm and a maximum length of 210 cm in Beech and 200 cm for all the other finishes.

Available options for the Ergomovie De Luxe™ bed base

Bed base legs

The bed base legs are not included in the price and are available in different measurements ranging from 25 cm to 50 cm.

The height of the bed leg refers to the upper edge of the bed: for example, a leg of 35 cm of height consists of 28 cm of leg and 7 cm of framework.

Bed base height

Connecting leg

The connecting leg supports and holds together the pair of single size bed bases to obtain a double bed base.

Connecting leg for bed base

Plastic connector for joining bed bases

Join 2 single bed bases to obtain a double bed base.

Plastic bed base connector

Bed base compatible with our Ego 21 headboard

Add a touch of elegance to your bedroom with the personalized Ego 21 headboard: find out more!

Ego 21 headboard available in various colors