Mattress Kuschelmed De Luxe

Kuschelmed® De Luxe

From: S$ 2,171.40

The hypoallergenic Kuschelmed® De Luxe mattress with removable lining proves to be effective in preventing and alleviating postural problems and decubitus pathologies. The special three-dimensional shaping improves the quality of rest by reducing compressions in the points of contact and favoring position variations during sleep. The channellings on the surface make it a cool and always aired product. This mattress is very appreciated by those who sleep on their side and it is classified as a 1st class medical device.

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From: S$ 2,171.40

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From: S$ 2,171.40
From: S$ 2,171.40

Product Details

Height About 22 cm
Length 190 - 195 - 200 cm
Width 80 - 85 - 90 - 100 - 120 - 140 - 160 - 165 - 170 - 180 cm
Custom Measures Available
Rigidity H1, H2, H3
Cover Available in 4 covers
Inner Cover Interlock fabric washable at 60°C
Certifications Class 1 Medical Device, HygCen, Öeko-Tex Standard 100, Reach
Antiacaro / Ipoallergenico With Bielastic cover and Medicott
Production Hand made in Italy by Manifattura Falomo

The mattress with an ergonomic design

With its comfortable ergonomic design, thanks to the three-dimensional shapes, it is ideal for those who suffer from lower back pain because it allows a greater relaxation of the vertebral column.

Composed of Bio-Soy inserts “with shape memory": maximum comfort for the lower back and shoulders and less compression of the neck and cervical.

Particularly appreciated by all of those who like sleeping on their side.

Technical features of the mattress

  • 18 cm high ergonomic core in Aquatech® (density 65) with inserts of “shape memory” Bio-Soy polymers on both sides.
  • Different and specific comfort zones.
  • Wear-resistant Interlock fabric cover for the protection of the mattress core, which enhances the ergonomic features of the core thanks to its strong elasticity.
  • A choice of 4 different solutions for the external cover: Bielastic and Medicott®, Space Fabric, 4 seasons, Memory and Poly Lyocell®.
  • Core height 18 cm.
  • Density 65 kg/mc.
  • Note: this mattress is classified as a 1st class medical device only when matching the Bielastic and Medicott® cover.

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