Materasso Balance Lana Merinos e Cotone

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Merino Wool-Cotton Balance

From: S$ 1,848.00

The pleasure of sleeping in contact with merinos wool during the winter and the cool feeling guaranteed by the cotton side, make this spring mattress your ideal mate in every season.

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From: S$ 1,848.00

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From: S$ 1,848.00
From: S$ 1,848.00

Product Details

Height About 24 cm
Length 190 - 195 - 200 cm
Width 80 - 85 - 90 - 100 - 120 - 140 - 160 - 165 - 170 - 180 cm
Custom Measures Available
Rigidity H3, XXL
Certifications OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, Reach
Production Handmade in Italy by Manifattura Falomo

Mattress technical specifications

Balance Wool Cotton mattress layers

  1. External cover in Silk and Bamboo
  2. Box plane in Aquatech® “Comfort Profile”
  3. Upper separation interliner in white felt
  4. Flexizone spring system with containment Support Flex System
  5. Lower separation interliner in white felt
  6. Box plane in “Comfort Profile” Aquatech®

Warm in the winter and cool in the summer

The ideal mattress for those who desire the warmth of Merino wool and the freshness of cotton.

Silk and bamboo lining

The mattress lining has a refined and deep quilting that enhances comfort: made of fine silk and bamboo fabric, natural fibers that allow you to always have a delicate and pleasant feeling during the rest.

Detail Balance Wool Cotton cover


“Ergonomic Project” handles that allow to easily rotate the mattress.

Side handles Balance Wool Cotton details

Flexizone springiness: welcoming and elastic in every position

Highly performing and balanced for an adjusted and optimal support for every build. It perfectly adapts to the shape of your body thanks to springs with differentiated firmness zones that avoid any type of compression, resulting appropriate in every position.

Molleggio Flexizone

Springs for plus sizes

Also available with XXL springs for "plus sizes".

Springs for plus sizes mattress

Merino wool and cotton padding

Wool absorbs moisture in an exceptional way thanks to its hygroscopic properties and cotton gives a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Merinos e cotone

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